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S-Corp Payroll

S-Corp Payroll Solutions

For businesses that qualify, an S-Corp tax designation can provide financial benefits to a company’s owners and partners, including asset protection, preventing double taxation and payroll tax breaks. However, S-Corps require special payroll and compliance measures to ensure that these benefits are fully realized.

ABS Payroll & HR offers S-Corp payroll packages that simplify payroll-related tasks so your business stays compliant with ever-changing regulations while maximizing tax benefits.

Our S-Corp payroll services include:

  • Comprehensive employee payroll processing
  • Local and state tax requirements
  • Compliance, including timely quarterly and annual filings
  • Establishing salaries and distributions for owners, partners and/or shareholders
  • Properly claiming health insurance premiums for maximum tax benefits

Let’s explore the upsides of each benefit:

S-Corp Package Pricing

Get S-Corp expertise and customer support on your side with a package that fits your needs and budget.

Simple Administration

Auto Payroll, our proprietary program, efficiently and accurately processes payroll for S-Corps.


Your package includes quarterly and annual tax filings specifically for S-Corps to maximize your tax benefits.

Learn More!

Meet with ABS in person in the San Antonio area or remotely to determine the right package for your organization.