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Time & Attendance

Timekeeping right From Any Device

ABS Payroll & HR’s electronic time and attendance devices streamline the entire timekeeping process. You may choose whether to use a mobile device, computer, key fob, fingerprint or even swipe card to allow your employee easy access to clocking in and out for the day. Without using any paper or separate data entry process, you have real-time access to the actual hours your employees worked each and every day. Never worry about false reporting of hours again. These electronic time and attendance devices allow you and your managing team the following functions:


  • Web & Biometric Time Clocks
  • GPS Timekeeping (Geo-fencing, allowing time punches in permitted locations only.)
  • Scheduling
  • Manager specific staff access
  • Management approval, editing, and reporting of transactions
  • Customizable overtime rules and pay
  • Online timecard approval
  • Alerts for any missed punched, tardiness or absences
  • Employee ability to view their time and attendance
  • Management entry of employee exception and corrections
  • Report tips
  • Clock in by department or job