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Time & Attendance

Time Tracking

Track employee time accurately and conveniently with ABS Payroll & HR’s electronic time tracking system. With ABS, your employees easily clock in and out with your choice of a mobile device, key fob, biometrics, computer or swipe card. There’s no paper or additional data entry required – you’ll get accurate, real-time information on each employee’s attendance and hours worked.

Time Tracking Mobile System

The ABS Time Tracking system includes:

  • Web & Biometric Time Clocks
  • GPS Timekeeping (Geo-fencing, allowing time punches in permitted locations only.)
  • Scheduling
  • Manager specific staff access
  • Management approval, editing, and reporting of transactions
  • Customizable overtime rules and pay
  • Online timecard approval
  • Alerts for any missed punched, tardiness or absences
  • Employee ability to view their time and attendance
  • Management entry of employee exception and corrections
  • Report tips
  • Clock in by department or job

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